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Introductory pilot story: 'Consequences' by The Librarian

1. Beginnings
By Dark Star
England's green and pleasant land...

2. Time's Arrow
By LisaP
Time heals all things. Or does it?

3. Rut
By Jo
Itís rutting season for the deer. Unfortunately, just sometimes, other beings have a rutting time, too.

4. White Magic
By Becks
Itís Halloween, and while the girls go to a party, thereís trouble at GilesíÖ

5. Dead For The Future
By D.M. Evans
While Giles and the new head of the Council try to find theories to explain the paranormal incidents, something from their past comes back to kill them.

6. Holy
By Chrislee
A centuries old love story brings Buffy and Angel closer together and forces Giles to face his own reservations about Angel.

7. Devil's Hill
By Dark Star
The discovery of an ancient stone causes major problems for the Project team.

8. Between The Lines
By Jo
This story starts the day after Dark Starís ĎDevilís Hillí. Now that Buffy and Angel are a couple, can Angel and Giles overcome their past? Will Angelus reappear?

9. Shadows & Idyll
By Gia
Buffy and Angel spend some time in Bath, only to find that even their idyll time is interrupted by the supernatural.

10. A Day in the Death
By LisaP
Slayers are people too.

11. Mind Over Matter
By Becks
Reality is crumbling rapidly in to chaos, and Buffy finds herself battling more than one type of demon.

12. Slayer
By Jo
Will our trio be able to pack up their bathing gear and have a relaxing summer holiday?

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