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1. Portent
By Dark Star
Should you believe everything that's foretold?

2. Journey's End
By Ares
Is it the beginning of the end or the end of a beginning for Angel?

3. Bliss
By Chrislee
When Buffy and Giles head off to Bath to deal with a new nest of vampires, Angel has a demon of his own to deal with.

4. Breathing Space
By Kristi
“The trick is to keep breathing”-Garbage

5. Two Men On The Bummel
By Jo
Giles and Angel take a trip to round up some baby fire demons. How hard can it be?

6. The Secret of Redemption
By D.M. Evans
A rash of child killings stir up the past for Giles and Angel.

7. Slay Bells Ring
By Becks
Buffy’s Christmas is disturbed by a legendary creature.

8. Haunts
By Ares
Buffy and Giles investigate an unusual occurrence at a haunted mansion in a hidden valley in the Cotswolds. Angel haunts familiar ground in London.

9. Gateway
By Bisi
Giles gets called to investigate something at Bristol City Museum. Before long he and Angel are caught up in an adventure with artists, schoolkids, ancient gods and a dark chapter of Bristol's past.

10. Medusa
By Jo
I’m told that this involves a mystery to solve, love and a hint of sex, terror and murder, compassion and grief. Oh, and several star-crossed lovers, and masks, and monsters. There you are, then.

11. Unexpected Magic
By Deb
Buffy is off to have a *normal* holiday with friends. But will she? Martha whips up something that is a bit more potent than a dessert laced with Baileys. Angel raids the fridge with interesting results. Giles dons his cape, and rides to the rescue.

12. The Witch of Wookey
By Smiling_n_Michigan
Giles races to stop a spell from destroying Buffy and Angel once and for all.

13. All's Well That Ends Well
By Renee
Buffy’s day experiences a distinct downward spiral, especially when Angel disappears during the course of their latest investigation.

14. A Canterbury Tale
By Dark Star
The Witch's Tale.

15. A Canterbury Tale (Part Two)
By Becks
The Librarian's Tale - so what was Giles really up to?

16. Vampyre
By Ares
A vampire once again walks in Croglin Village, but there is more than one kind of monster that stalks the night.

17. Paracelsus' Sword
By Jo
Someone is stealing bodies. Is it a job for the paranormal detectives? Or for the ordinary lot?

18. Paracelsus’ Sword (Part Two)
By Jo
At the end of Part One, we cruelly left Angel helpless, Giles clueless and Buffy wanting to hit something. What is the dastardly Francis planning? What’s the importance of the Monument to the End of Time?

19. The Whisperer
By Smiling_n_Michigan
Another haunting stirs up more than just the newest ghost in Dorset.

20. Fee. Fie. Fo. Fum.
By Ares
The blood of an Englishman has been spilled. Our three heroes investigate.

21. Green Fingers
By Dark Star
Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart. ~ Russell Page

22. Summer Mischief
By Ares
What is it about summer that drives people to do daft things?

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