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1. Resurrection Man (Part 1)
By Jo
Angelís looking to move forward, but events and an old enemy conspire to get under his feet. Can our team stay out of trouble?

2. Resurrection Man (Part 2)
By Jo
Angelís looking to move forward, but events and an old enemy conspire to get under his feet. Our team are in trouble. Are there any friends to save the day?

3. Tooth And Claw
By Mike
Giles leads an expedition to Loch Ness in Scotland, only to make an unexpected discoveryÖ

4. That Old Black Magic
By Smiling_n_Michigan
Missing pets, altars, energy that calls out to the inner demonÖ these are only a few things that, Angel, Buffy, and Giles encounter in the tale of That Old Black Magic.

5. Grave Matters
By Ares
The dead do speak, one only has to listen.

6. Sacred Ground
By Garnigal
Something strange is going on at an ancient Roman ruin in London and only Giles can make it stop.

7. Wreckers
By Dark Star
"There's queer things goes on there." ~ Jamaica Inn.

8. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
By Smiling_n_Michigan
Just because it's Christmas for the Project Paranormal team doesn't mean that they get a break. Join our trio in their trek to London to investigate a haunted flat and a case that makes Giles' blood race in more ways than one.

9. Eternity
By Ares
Our heroes take on a simple case of slaying. One thing leads to another.

10. Draggin' Down
By Garnigal
A mystery over 350 years old brings the Project Paranormal team to Anwick.

11. That Voodoo You Do Do
By Adjovi
As Angel and Buffy try to spend a quiet Valentineís Day together, someone from Angelís past had other ideas.

12. Undercover
By Dark Star
What lies underneath?

13. The Haunted Vampire
By Smiling_n_Michigan
Every night has a day... Every challenge has a risk... Every case has a lesson. Sisters have disappeared on a dare, and its up to the PP team to save them. Maybe things aren't always as they appear to be...

14. Livelihood
By Ares
There are some who make their living from the sea. And some who die providing it.

15. Rites of Spring
By Adjovi
A very weary team is called out on a new mission that has roots in an old legend.

16. Night Creatures
By Dark Star
All kinds of creatures cherish the night.

17. Basilisk
By Ares
Project Paranormal has a case to solve in dragon country. What they find is unexpected.

18. Mustelidae
By Jo
This is a real place, and a real mystery. But is the answer quite as simple as it seems?

19. The Seven Dwarfs
By Ares
Buffy isnít Snow White, but she meets the Seven Dwarfs anyway.

20. Nemesis
By Jo
A dying manís last wish is for the team to find out whether his son was a murderer. Itís a perfectly ordinary mystery. Isnít it?

21. These Ol' Bones
By Smiling_n_Michigan
Just when you think youíve seen it allÖ Buffy and Giles head off to Lincolnshire to investigate some interesting bones. What about Angel you ask? He stayed behind. He has problems of his own. You see thereís this boxÖ

22. Double Vision
By Dark Star
Summer is here again, and the Giles household has its hands - and kitchen - full. But are the village preparations the only worry?

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