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1. Purpose
By Ares
Our heroes are running around in circles chasing an elusive and deadly foe. Can they unravel the mystery he brings them before he can do much harm?

2. Becoming (Part 3)
By Adjovi
As Angelus is still on the loose, the PP team works frantically to try and discover his plans while wrestling with a big decision that could affect them all.

3. Fortitude
By Ares
Mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously can be found everywhere.

4. The Inner Battle
By Lee
When the emotional struggle becomes too much, will she survive the battle?

5. Dreams From The Ivory Gate
By Jo
Dreams, nightmares or truths? Hard to tell the difference, sometimes.

6. A Day in the Life Of...
By Dark Star
What's Martha's day really like?

7. Magia Posthuma
By Landrews
Project Paranormal finds themselves in Ashford, courtesy of ghosts both past and present and a car that won't be left behind.

8. Footsteps
By Ares
Angel disappears while on a case. Buffy and Giles go investigate.

9. A Knight in Shining Armour
By Ares
Giles’ car breaks down on the edge of Dartmoor.

10. Thomas
By Dark Star
It's our relationships that make us who we are.

11. Snare
By Ares
Some step willingly into traps and trickery, ignoring the jaws of impending doom. Others are caught unaware like mice in a mousetrap, and then there are those, against all odds, who grab hold of the jaws and pull out the teeth.

12. Raven
By Ares
Andrew Wells has been found murdered in Paris. Buffy and Angel join Giles in the hunt for Andrew’s killer.

13. Songs of Sadness
By Kara
People are dying at Bolsover Castle, and Buffy, Angel and Giles prepare to spend their time...reading poetry?

14. End of Days
By Jo
Angel’s a wanted man, and Giles is having tea with a banker called D’Eath. Is this a good thing? Will Buffy have to face their enemies alone? And who are their enemies?

15. Ought But Death
By Jo
Is Angel really dead, or just dead to the world? Is it one too many knocks on the head for Giles? What can Buffy do? Have Our Heroes reached the end of the road? Are they to be parted by Fate or Death?

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