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Free me

The laws of Time do not apply to me
For this one thing, I am set free
But at what a price do I pay
To watch loved ones fade away
Never to look upon Sun’s face
To live a life in His disgrace
I hunt at night, sleep at day
As the moon continues to wax & wane
Time moves on, so does society
I have been “alive” for hundreds of years
Yet few are things that I hold dear
Love should no longer be felt
This is the hand that I’ve been dealt
To some this is something to adore
For me, it’s something to abhor






200 Years

200 years ago...
at the time it was easy
you were my own play toy
which i tortured
for weeks on end
with blissful glee
watching your sanity
flee with every passing day
how i glorified in your
mental downward spiral
taking its toll
even physical degradation
how awesome to behold
the whole plan
my creation
my playwright
how i magnified
my own demonic ego
then, the final episode
the adrenaline rush
the sweet taste of your blood
still warm & caressing to my tongue
the intoxicating smell
enthralling my senses
demon instincts in full throttle
ecstasy at its finest moment
tingling through every
inch of my body
never wanting it to end
painful hunger satiated
the look in your eyes
then nothingness
i can still hear
your last breath
rattle from your chest
i can still feel
the last heart beat
pulsate thru your veins
i can still see
the last droplets of blood
trickling down your neck
from two holes
my telltale mark
that was over 200 years ago
i no longer treasure
this haunting theatrical play
i loathe it
i have nightmares
with cold sweats
soaking the sheets
fighting a nameless demon
waking the beauty
that lies at my side
200 years
and i can still taste
venomous blood on my tongue
noxious fumes
fill my nostrils
pains of revulsion
and disgust
twist my belly
i can still see
your lifeless eyes
staring death back at me
i can still hear
your last breath
as screaming in my ears
i can still feel
your last heartbeat
like 1,000 needles
in my fingertips
this is the price i pay
that i live with
but how can i explain
all this
to the love sitting up
next to me
staring so lovingly
so compassionately
so quizzically
back at me

















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